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A/C Sealants from a DIY A/C service kit did this. The owner of the car said his A/C just stopped. Later the owner admitted he had used 3 cans of sealant trying to fix the A/C on the cheep.

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(Hey Anthony, how did you do that?)

HeyAnthonyAZ is here for Tony’s Service Center clients that have questions about car & truck repairs. All vehicles need service and repairs someday, and that’s what I do. I service & fix broken cars and trucks. Become a client today!

We service & repair Domestic, Japanese and European vehicles.

Contact me at or visit me at the shop anytime during the week M-F 7:00am to 5:30pm. If your question is about a recent visit to the shop, please include the date of the visit and work order number and I will call you.

Fix it right, Fix it once.

Tony’s Service Center is at 5352 N. 16th st. Phoenix, AZ 85016 We are right on the South West corner of 16th St. & Missouri.

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